— Toriel's laugh

Toriel is a main character in Underfell.

Design Edit

Toriel is a goat-like monster with white fur, two horns, two yellow eyes with glitchy pupils, two long ears, a nose, a smiling mouth with two fangs. She wears a black and white ripped - torn up robe with a white delta rune near her neck.

Personality & History Edit

Toriel, though she's bad at baking, makes killer meat pies and laughs like "OHOHOHOHO~".[1]

She owns a massive colorful flower garden and takes good care of it.

When Chara fell underground, Toriel hid Chara from Asgore to protect them and take care of them along with her son, hoping to later introduce Asgore to Chara and prove that not all humans are bad. Toriel never doubted Chara's intent. It threw Toriel off how Asgore acted once he found Chara.

Toriel got very upset when she realized Asgore poisoned Chara and leaves her husband behind, effectively going into hiding.

Trivia Edit

  • Toriel is the first character created for Underfell.[2]
  • Toriel is the favorite character of Underfell's creator.[3]

References Edit

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