Chara is a character in Underfell.

(Chara is in the right in the photo)

Design Edit

Chara is a human child with brown-red eyes, pale skin and short brown hair. They wear a green turtleneck shirt with yellow and black stripes with black suspenders over their clothes, on the front of the suspenders is a red heart outlined with purple. They have dirty brown and white boots.

Personality & HistoryEdit

"You know... I hope one day... I can watch the stars with you, your mom... and even your scary dad..." ― Chara
Chara is very sweet, helpful and considerate, tending to put monsters before themselves. Underfell Chara doesn't love nor hate humanity (Unlike Undertale Chara). they know that humanity has its downsides but believes that there is hope that monsters could live up on the surface and wish to change Asgore's mind about humanity.

Chara, when they fell underground, lived with and was taken care of by Toriel and Asriel but was hidden from Asgore, they seem to find Asgore "scary".

Upon meeting Asgore, who seemed welcoming toward Chara, they became very sick, having been poisoned by Asgore for unknown reasons. Chara falls ill from poisoning and Asriel absorbs their soul to take them to their village to see the golden flowers again. The humans thought he killed Chara, so the human chosen to kill him.



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